Davis Adult Day Health Request For Proposal



Dignity Health: Yolo Adult Day Health Center (YADHC) is a community-based program of Dignity Health Woodland Healthcare in cooperation with the Yolo County Department of Health.  This year marks the Center’s 33rd anniversary.  The mission is to promote independence, self-esteem and choice for frail adults.  In order to accomplish this mission, the Center provides a diverse array of medical and social services.  In addition to the direct care on site, the Center also has developed a community education component that includes support groups, workshops, placement assistance, care coordination and access to resource information for community caregivers and their loved ones.  This model of service delivery maximizes a person’s ability to remain in their home, retain control of their lives, contribute to the community and avoid premature placement in a skilled nursing facility. 

YADHC has experienced steady growth over time, with the last three years clearly feeling the impact of the baby boomers reaching senior citizen status.  Additionally, growth is attributed to a current healthcare focus on community-based care - to avoid hospitalizations and unnecessary placement of the frail elderly in nursing homes.  It is estimated that between the years 2000-2040, the 65+ population in Yolo County will grow by 235%, compared to a 175% state average.  Today YADHC is operating at full capacity, serving approximately 60 frail adults each day.  With a waiting list of 50, 21 of which are from Davis, it can take as long as five months to enroll in the Woodland YADHC program.  In addition, some Davis participants coming to the current program in Woodland ride a bus up to 90 minutes each way.


Proposed Program  Development

Dignity Health is actively seeking to develop an adult day program in Davis to complement the adult day health program located in Woodland.  Opening a Davis site will significantly reduce the long waitlist for enrollment, decrease transportation time, and address a long standing unmet need for a vulnerable population that requires more localized services.  The program being developed will be a social model program licensed by Community Care Licensing; a division of California Department of Social Services.  Dignity Health’s proposed Davis Adult Day Program will be the first adult day program to ever be established in Davis. 


Program  Description

Adult day programs are designed to provide supervision and support to frail adults.  Most of the program’s participants will be cognitively impaired due to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, and others may suffer from brain injuries.  The program will offer a safe, secure environment, as well as socialization and companionship, activities to promote independence and self-esteem, assistance with activities of daily living such as toileting, walking, eating and the administration of medications, provide nutritious meals and snacks, health supervision, exercise and mental stimulation.    Additionally, staff will offer robust support and education for family caregivers via private consultations as well community workshops.

The Davis site will be designed with elements of innovation based on current research to optimize participant independence. The facility layout will be homelike, with a holistic program focus to promote respect, dignity, self-worth and empowerment.


Program Staffing and Operation

The program will maintain a 1:5 ratio of staff to program participants.  At its peak, we anticipate 30 participants with a total of 7 staff (6 care partners and a program coordinator. Staff will be trained in person-centered dementia care, utilizing a specific well researched care model.  Hours and days of operation will be Monday – Friday.    



RFP Components



Dignity Health is seeking to contract for the following project support towards the development of an adult day program in Davis.  The deliverables requested within a 12 month period would be: 

  1. Conduct a gap analysis validating community need for this service.
  2. Develop a timeline for program implementation
  3. Identify space options including associated renovation costs and long term lease arrangements for program permanence
  4. Vet potential organizations interested in applying for an adult day care license through the State's Community Care Licensing Division
  5. Develop a capital campaign strategy. 


Funds Available

The amount available for a 12 month period: $20,000


Response Format

Reply to the following questions:

  1. Name of organization or business, brief description of organization’s mission, history and services.
  2. Describe your level of expertise related to elderly, dementia and adult day programming
  3. Describe your level of expertise related to program development, strategic planning, and knowledge of the Davis community.
  4. Addressing each of the four deliverables individually , describe your key action steps along with a time line for completion keeping in mind all activities must be completed within  a 12 month period.
  5. Provide a project budget

Responses should less than three pages.  Supporting documents are not required but will be accepted if submitted electronically with proposal.


Submittal Requirements

All proposals must be submitted by Monday, February 13, 2017 in electronic format to Dawn.Purkey@dignityhealth.org


Contact Information

For questions contact Dawn Myers Purkey at 530.666.8828.