Bob & Devere Garner

Bob and Devere GarnerYolo County is a place that both Bob and Devere Garner proudly call home. Devere, a Woodland native, and Bob, originally from Chula Vista, California, moved to Woodland after being married. As a young couple both knew that having a local medical facility in their community was a privilege and it needed to be supported.

Being that Bob had many connections in the agricultural sector, he was approached by Dan Kelley, Woodland Clinic Medical Group Administrator, in 1963. Dan asked Bob to assist in raising funds which would be used to build a new hospital, and in turn, move Woodland Healthcare to it’s new location on Cottonwood Street. Knowing many people in the community, Bob took pride in calling on all of his connections, informing them of the Foundation and asking for their support. The Garners also chose to support the expansion by personally contributing to the project. Both Bob and Devere have been active with the Foundation since that time.

Today, in between their many worldly travels, the Garners see themselves as ambassadors for the Foundation. “We consider the fact that we have a medical facility like this, in our local area, a real asset,” explains Bob and Devere, “we need to come together, as a community, to consistently support it.” The Garners lead through action, by choosing to support the Foundation through their end of year philanthropic gifts. Additionally, they choose to honor their friends and loved ones by making contributions to the Foundation in memory and honor of those that have passed.

Looking back 41 years, the Garners have left a lasting impression on the Foundation and Woodland Healthcare. Devere volunteered in the Auxiliary gift shop for 20 years and Bob proudly served as a Foundation Trustee for 11 years. “During my time on the Board, we were constantly holding drives to make money,” explains Bob, “the Board and the community are motivated by seeing results.” And results they saw, through their contributions, the Garners have been a part of providing numerous pieces of new medical equipment, supporting annual Foundation events and, most recently, remodeling the Emergency Room. Keeping donations local, always, is just one of the many reasons Bob and Devere Garner continue to support the Woodland Healthcare Foundation.