Mike & Wendy McGrew

Mike and Wendy McGrew“In order to make changes everyone needs to start with themselves. Regardless if you can afford to give a little or a lot, you should give something and we choose to support the Woodland Healthcare Foundation,” explains Wendy and Mike McGrew.

Wendy and Mike are both employees of Woodland Healthcare and, combined, they have worked there for over 42 years. Currently, Mike is the Lead RAD Tech in Radiology and Wendy is the Lead Sonographer in the Ultrasound Department. Having met at Woodland Healthcare 21 years ago, the McGrew’s have been married for almost 19 years. With two teenage daughters, and a commitment to their community, the McGrew’s can testify to the many reasons why Woodland Healthcare is a vital resource to its community.

Wendy and Mike’s passion lies with giving to the causes for which they align themselves. Being that they both work for Woodland Healthcare they see giving to the Foundation as an opportunity to improve their own healthcare facility and a way to support the outstanding doctors that work with Woodland Healthcare. Utilizing the payroll deduction method of giving was also a convenient, means to support the many areas that the Foundation funds. Whether it is the scholarship program, a new piece of medical equipment or tickets to a fund raising event, both Wendy and Mike are passionate about supporting the Foundation. They are confident that their donations to the Woodland Healthcare Foundation are making a difference in their lives, the lives of their coworkers and the community for which they and Woodland Healhtcare serves.