Scholarship recipients 2018Scholarship recipients gather for Sweet Treat Social (left to right):  Kristin Gedda, Samantha Gnoss, Alejandra Cazares Hernandez, Gabriela Gaspar, Natali Castillo, Lori Maloney, Aaliyah Afzal, Sumra Mubarik, and Anum Bashir.

Woodland Healthcare Foundation 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients Announced

The Scholarship Committee for the Woodland Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce the following scholarship recipients for the upcoming academic year: Aaliyah Afzal, Anum Bashir, Natali Castillo, Alejandra Cazares Hernandez, Gabriela Gaspar, Kristin Gedda, Samantha Gnoss, Kristen Lopez, Lori Maloney, Sumra Mubarik, Trang Nguyen, Sunny Singleton, and Ethan Tran.

The Scholarship Committee awarded $13,500 through nine different scholarship funds: Luther Carleton Anderson Memorial Scholarship, Thomas Butler Memorial Scholarship, Herbert W. Chandler Memorial Scholarship, Janet Falvey, RN Memorial Scholarship, Eyvind Fayé Memorial Scholarship, David Gollober Memorial Scholarship, Louise M. Wong, MD Memorial Scholarship, Whittle Family Scholarship, and the Woodland Healthcare Auxiliary Scholarship. Thank you to this year’s committee members: Tom Schwarzgruber (Chair), Katharine Cobb, Carol Conley, Lori Haarberg and Pauly van Muyden.

Scholarships are provided by generous donors in our community and awarded annually to Woodland Healthcare employees, physicians or Auxiliary volunteers and their immediate family members who are advancing their education in a health related field. Please join us in sharing congratulations and encouragement to all our scholarship recipients in their quest of educational advancement.