John and Eunice Davidson Fund

John and Eunice Davidson at dinnerPassionate, focused and motivated are only a few adjectives that describe Carole Pirruccello and her drive to enhance the public health of Yolo County. Having been a public health nutrition professional for more than 30 years, Carole has seen the long-term positive effects that a healthy lifestyle can have on individuals, families, and our community. As lifestyle is very much a factor in chronic disease development and management, Carole’s goal has been to enhance various local, non-profit agency efforts in public health and chronic disease prevention.

When Carole’s parents, John and Eunice Davidson passed away, they left a lasting legacy for their children’s communities by creating the John and Eunice Davidson Fund. With this fund, Carole and her sister, Diana Davidson, were given a mission to enhance their local communities through supporting non-profit organizations.

With the generously bequeathed funds, Carole chose to support Woodland Healthcare Foundation by donating $20,000 to bring a farmer’s market to the Woodland Healthcare campus and $10,000 to support the efforts of the Chronic Disease Management program at Woodland Healthcare.

Carole chose to focus a portion of her contribution to move the existing Tuesday night Woodland Farmer’s Market from Freeman Park to the Woodland Healthcare campus. Working closely with the Farmer’s Market, the goal of the location change is to encourage more people to buy and enjoy fresh local produce – enhancing the healthy lifestyles of our patients and their families, clinic and hospital staff, along with anyone in the community. With community support, this market can grow and become self-sustaining. The other focus of the benevolent gift is to support ongoing Chronic Disease Management classes. These classes help people in the community control their diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Motivated by the fact that many factors of chronic disease are lifestyle, Carole saw this gift as a means to provide support for healthy habits, which are essential for people to manage their health.Carole Pirruccello travelling

“We never know when our health is going to change for the worse, so we owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves as best we can and to support others that can make changes in the community towards good health,” explains Carole. This is why Beginning in June, the Woodland Farmer’s Market is moving their Tuesday night market to Woodland Healthcare. Keep watch for more details at She has chosen to fulfill a portion of her life’s passion by supporting the Woodland Healthcare Foundation.

The Foundation wishes to thank Carole Pirruccello for recognizing the crucial work the Woodland Healthcare Foundation does through its support of Woodland Healthcare. To close, Carole has always received inspiration from the quote by Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”