Tim Bernard, DPM

Dr Bernard in an operating roomDr. Bernard wrote a personal letter to Woodland Healthcare Physicians and Allied Health Providers, reminding them of the crucial work carried out, daily by the Foundation and their Trustees. We would like to share his letter with you, as the information may be found educational and motivational.

Dear Colleagues,

I have served on the board of the Woodland Health care Foundation since 1996. I had the honor of assuming the term of Louise Wong who was an ardent supporter of Woodland Healthcare. During this time, I have been privileged to work with many prominent members of the Communities of Woodland, Davis, Winters, Colusa and Arbuckle. These board members have donated countless hours to provide financial and public relations support for our efforts as Healthcare Providers. It is a humbling experience to observe such dedication from successful, prominent members of our communities who serve us and our efforts.

Since its inception in 1962, the Woodland Healthcare Foundation has raised over $15 million dollars to support our efforts. I want to share my experience with you during this season of giving.

Jim Leathers served as Board President and member for 19 Years. He spearheaded a capital campaign to raise over a million dollars to fund the first cardiac cath lab in Yolo County, so that our patients could enjoy state of the art diagnostic procedures at home. David Cunningham who has served on the Foundation board for 18 years and who served consecutive terms as president during the years of our affiliation with Mercy. He maintained community support during the leanest years. David steered during a time of economic hardship and waning community support. I will always be appreciative of his and other board members efforts during those tough times. Mark Engstrom, a 14 year board member, has served as president and Chairperson for the most recent capital campaign to raise funds for the renovation and re-engineering of our emergency services department. These are just a few examples of the dedication and support I have been privileged to observe and be a part of.

Our Foundation serves our community directly. Funds are directed by the board to provide for WHC projects desired by our community. This engages the community directly in a meaningful way and is increasingly essential to our success as a health organization. In the last year alone, the foundation provided support for a Nurse Navigator to provide support for patients undergoing cancer treatment, a case manager in internal medicine to provide chronic disease management to some our sickest patients, maternal child services for lactation support and to obtain our baby friendly certification, funding to maintain our cardiac rehabilitation program, home health support for anticoagulation therapy and mental health social work support. These services could not be maintained without community, employee and foundation support.

I am writing this letter to appeal for your support of those who support us! You can show your support through the employee giving program. Simply designate an amount to be deducted from each paycheck to support the Woodland Healthcare Foundation, or use a credit card, cash or check. If you need assistance, the Foundation office will be glad to help. My goal is that each provider give some level of support. Send a message to our community that we value healthcare as much as they have over the last 50 years!

Tim Bernard, DPM