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Welcome to the Star Light Star Bright tribute page. We are celebrating the 35th year of our tradition to honor and reflect on the lives of those we treasure during the holiday season. Below are the names of loved ones recognized by their family members and friends this year:

In Honor of
All the Babies Born in 2021
Rachel Huelani Beyer
Gena Bravo
Syrus and Skyler Cook
Elise Whitley Dunbar
Sylvia Anne Dunbar
Portia Felmley
Peter Goldberg
Jennifer Beyer Louie
Kendra Martin
Sherri Olswang
Vicotia Lark Rosales
The Whitehead Family

In Memory of
Brian Alexander Aubuchon
Ima Jean Badger
Jane Belle Bernard Rodriguez
Martha Bloom
Richard H. Bloom
Christie Brown
Chris Burton
Norman Gramlich Callaway
Ashley Nicole Cristler
Carol Dahnke-Ishikawa
Aideen and Stan Diamond
Lloyd Durst
Alan B. Flory
Alice Frank
Casey Gagnon
Brad and David Gollober
Pete Harms
Jim Hartmann
John Hartmann
Madeline Hartmann
Tony Hartmann
Amber Hulsizer
James Hulsizer
Teresa Hulsizer
William E. Hulsizer
Steve Hunter
Veona Marie Jacobs
David Janzen
Iver and Bluebell Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Steve Kelly
John and Marie Lane
James Edward Marshall
Hope Mata
Baby Meek
James Richard Miller
John William Mueller
Ray Dean Ostergaard
Christine Pirruccello
Kenneth Rominger
Dr. Ernest Tarnow
Dorothy Tarnow
Mavis Timothy
Darrel R. Toms
George Wallace
Leon and Ann Yarberry
Wendi Warden Zane
Eulalio Zaragoza