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Welcome to the Star Light Star Bright tribute page. We are celebrating the 36th year of our tradition to honor and reflect on the lives of those we treasure during the holiday season. Below are the names of loved ones recognized by their family members and friends this year:

In Honor of
All the Babies Delievered in 2022
Rhyan and Payton Canevari
Skyler Cook
Syrus Cook
Elise Whitley Dunbar
Sylvia Anne Dunbar
Portia Felmley
Med Surg Tele & Infusion Staff
The Whitehead Family
In Memory of
Reverend Ardith Allread
Martha Bloom
Richard H. Bloom
Lois Elaine Brown
Christie Brown
Robert Bulkley
Chris Burton
Rosa Cammarosano
Cory Anthony Cassevah
Aideen and Stan Diamond
Leah Dorsey
Robert Dorsey, Sr.
Lloyd Durst
Timmy Fagundes
Herman Fink
Bud Fischer
Alan B. Flory
Jill Frommelt
Brad and David Gollober
Jim Hartmann
John Hartmann
Madeline Hartmann
Tony Hartmann
Nancy Hill
Mary Jo Hoes
Amber Hulsizer
James Hulsizer
Teresa Hulsizer
William E. Hulsizer
Steve Hunter
Baby Meek
Virginia Price
Margarita Rodriguez Murga
Donald D. Sharp
Tim Stephens
Maxwell John Tamulonis
Hiromi J. Tanaka
Dorothy Tarnow
Dr. Ernest Tarnow
Anne Ullrich
Julie Wahl